Getting Started with Essential Oils

Essential Oils Plant Food and Gratitude

Getting Started with Essential Oils

Essential Oils Plant Food and Gratitude Chances are you’ve heard about essential oils before. Essential oils are a natural substance derived from plants and have been known for centuries for their various healing properties.

Plant Food and Gratitude President Stacy Musial is well versed on essential oils. Her passion for whole-person wellness led her to become a professional Health Coach.  Through her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, she learned about many different holistic and integrative forms of health coaching.

When you first begin using essential oils, Stacy explains that there are important things to consider. “You want to make sure you educate yourself on how to use them properly as many oils need to be mixed with a carrier oil, such as almond or coconut oil,” Stacy said.

It’s also important to understand the three different ways to use essential oils: topically, aromatically, and internally.

3 Ways to use essential oils



Topical uses involve applying the oil to your skin, hair, or teeth.

Essential oils can improve skin tone, fight acne, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, as well as fight dandruff, moisturize dry hair, and more.
As mentioned, since these are being applied to sensitive surfaces, it’s important to dilute the oil properly.


Essential Oils Plant Food and Gratitude Also known as aromatherapy, diffusing the essential oil into the air can benefit your mood, such as calming nerves and stress, improving concentration, and energizing.

If you do not have a scent diffuser, you can put a few drops of the oil into a steaming hot cup of water.


Essential oils can also be consumed in food or drink. For example, putting a few drops of lime in water has been known to control feelings of indigestion.

Other known internal benefits include improving digestion, boosting immune system, losing weight, and curbing food cravings.

The following infographic highlights some of the notable benefits for different essential oils.

Essential Oils Plant Food and Gratitude

Stacy also let us in on some of her go-to oils.

“I have many favorite essential oils, but my go-tos that are always in my medicine cabinet are frankincense, lavender, oregano, peppermint and rose,” she said. “I use frankincense to prevent wrinkles and to build my immunity. I use lavender as a relaxant in a tub or infused into the air as well as if I have a cut or burn. I use oregano oil when I’m feeling sick or have some kind of infection, as well as a Candida cleanse. I use Rose oil because I love the smell of it and it helps boost my mood throughout the day. I also like peppermint oil for digestion and or use it as part  of my toothpaste to brush my teeth.”

It’s easy to feel confused or overwhelmed by all the different types of essential oils and all their different uses. Luckily, there are trained health professionals at Plant Food and Gratitude who can help you find which essential oils will help your individual needs.


Essential Oils Plant Food and Gratitude For more information on buying good quality essential oils, please email us at We use Young Living essential oils and back their quality and ethics.




This blog article was contributed by Plant Food and Gratitude ’s Intern Laura Maloney

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How Plant Food and Gratitude can help

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