What Does Color Say About Your Mood?

What Does Color Say About Your Mood?


Color and Your Mood


The color of rooms in your home can have an impact on emotions, moods and feelings. It is important to choose a color based on how they make you feel, rather than following trends. Here are some ways to choose color and how they may affect you and what you can do about it! If you can’t paint your walls, think about decorating with the colors that will invoke the feeling you want to create.



Red Color Mood Red

The use of the color red in your home will stimulate energy, adrenaline and liveliness. This color will also increase your heart rate and blood pressure. The rooms that work best with red walls are living rooms and dining rooms. Having these rooms red will help stimulate conversation when gathering with family or guests.





Orange Color MoodOrange

Orange is a very energetic color that can stimulate your appetite. Shades of this color work will in the kitchen or dining room.







Yellow Color Mood


Yellow can be very bright and welcoming when used in moderation. Too much yellow can cause frustration and stimulate anger. A soft shade of yellow is a safe option to used when wanting to promote happiness. This color works best in the kitchen, dining room or bathroom.





Green Color MoodGreen

This color is very refreshing on the eyes, which aids in tranquility and composure. Green can be used in also any room, especially ones that are used for comfort and relaxation.






Blue Color Mood


Blue is a cool and soothing color, it will aid in sleep, calmness and lower blood pressure. This color works well in bedrooms, bathrooms and offices. When planning to paint a room blue, consider doing so during warmer months, the cold weather will make the room seem cold. Avoid dark shades of blue, they can evoke feelings of sadness.





Purple Color MoodPurple

The color purple can represent royalty and wealth when it is a dark shade. It can also stimulate creativity. Purple as a dark shade should not be used in the bedroom. When used as a lighter shade, such as lavender, it can restful or bring a chilly feeling to the room in the winter months.





Pink Color MoodPink

The color pink has a very calming effect that stimulates romance and joyfulness. This color works very well in children’s rooms.







Brown Color Mood


The color brown makes you feel cozy, snug and safe. It can also stimulate intimacy and togetherness. This color works perfectly for gathering rooms such as living rooms or lounge areas.





White Color Mood



The use of the color white in rooms gives a very airy and open feeling. White works will in small spaces and areas when you need to make the room seem bigger.





Black Color MoodBlack

Black is a very dramatic color that can give rooms an elegant flair when used correctly. It should be used moderately in small doses. Overuse of this color will stimulate the want to stay indoors. Consider using a shade of grey instead.






This article was written and contributed by Plant Food and Gratitude ’s Intern Taylor Friehl

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