How Can a Health Coach Help You?

How Can a Health Coach Help You?

Plant Food and Gratitude was founded on the idea that everybody needs a little help now and then, even those that help others.  Some need a lot of assistance while others just need a little tug to get over that hump that’s in the way.  Health Coaches are the liaison to the positive change you want to make for a better and brighter future.

At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition where all our health coaches have trained, they describe a health coach as “a supportive mentor and wellness authority who works with clients to help them feel their best through food and lifestyle changes. Instead of prescribing one diet or way of exercising, Health Coaches tailor individualized wellness programs to meet their clients’ needs”.

Have you ever found yourself spiraling into a vortex of negativity? One thing goes wrong, and then another, and another and you can’t seem to stop the events. You feel like you’re losing control. If this is just a bad day it’s pretty easy to pivot your thoughts, regroup and turn things around. This can be had with a simple smile even if you don’t feel like smiling, finding something to laugh about, eating something healthy and yummy or maybe even a brief moment of physical exercise. All are proven to work if you allow the change in mood to occur.

However, when this has gone on for days, weeks or longer we often can’t see the veggies though the weeds and need a little help to navigate us back into our natural and comfortable flow. A Health Coach can do just that for you.  Maybe everything in your life isn’t negative; perhaps it’s just a one spoke on your wellness wheel that needs tightening.  Let’s look as each spoke individually.


Young girl in the skyDo you feel exuberant on a daily basis or would you like to have the energy that great health can bring? The Integrative Nutritional Health Coaches of Plant Food and Gratitude are well versed on nutritional health and the biodiversity of each individual.  A Health Coach can work with you to make small to momentous changes in your diet and lifestyle for greater vitality, energy, stamina, and overall health.  They meet you where you are at with no judgment.  Today is a new day and the first day of the rest of your life!  A Health Coach will work with you to add in healthy foods while crowding out those less desirable and make you aware of the best choices.  They can teach you how to eat better without having to spend more money on groceries. The education you can receive from an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach on superior dining is almost endless.  Support is there for you when you want to make a change.

food creativityCreativity

Is creativity missing from your life? Maybe you once painted beautiful pictures or refurbished antiques but your time became consumed by other events in your life, and these projects dropped off your radar. A Health Coach can help you find a way to bring creation back on your schedule. You may work through time management issues to make your efforts more efficient and eliminate things that clog your time but bring you no creative joy. What would you like to create?


How are your finances?  Do you feel you are at financial peace or do you feel that getting through each month is a struggle?  Are you falling behind in your bills or just wishing you had a little more disposable income?  A Health Coach can help you find ways to regroup how you spend, how you save, and what you may need to remove from your financial overhead in order to achieve a better grip on finances.  You don’t always have to make more money to have more money.

                                            happy workersCareer

How is your career?  Do you find your job fulfilling and enjoy going to work each and every day? Or are you just putting in time waiting for retirement or a new opportunity to arrive that never seem to come? A Health Coach can walk with you through the options of employment hidden from view but in need of uncovering.  Maybe a lateral move in your company or a change in shifts is all it would take.  Or perhaps it is time to think of a new career and you don’t know what direction to turn or are unsure of your skills. Maybe you have a hidden dream job that needs to surface. Having someone who will listen to you is sometimes all it takes to have that “Ah Ha!” moment that can change your life.


Are you happy with you education level? Have you wanted to go back to school but can’t seem to figure out how?  Many Health Coaches have gone through informational times in their lives which have included enhancing their education.  New schooling doesn’t have to be a degree; it could be a certificate program or an on-the-job training plan.  But if a degree is what you are looking for, a Health Coach can support you through the process of implementing that dream and holding you accountable for the process it takes, which usually requires several steps.  Sometimes we all just need someone to keep nudging us forward so we don’t stall in the process.

IMG_1235Physical Activity

What type of physical activity do you enjoy? Can you jump high and run fast? Are you able to keep up with your kids or barely make it to the door of your home? Not everyone is cut out to be an athlete or even go to a gym.  Personally, I have no desire to attend a public gym but that doesn’t keep me idle. There are many ways to get you up and moving.  A Health Coach can help you discover what might be fun for you.  They may extract a moving desire in you that you never knew existed; something to bring a bounce back into your step and lift your arms skyward.  Exercise should be fun and a regular part of your daily regime without much thought of being physically active.

Home CookingSue and Stacy Chopping

Where are most of your meals prepared? Do you cook at home or does your diet consist of packaged goods, take-out food, and restaurants?  The Standard American Diet is in desperate need of a make-over.  A Health Coach can put you on the right track for  home cooking and learning how to prepare whole foods you forgot about or didn’t know existed.  There is a great big world out there of culinary delights that are dairy-free, meatless, and chemical free, gluten free, and free of refinement and processing.  Similar to what grandma or great-grandma use to make.  These foods, when prepared correctly, and eaten on a regular basis can enhance the immune system, increase energy, help you lose weight, and boost your overall sense of well-being.  Maybe you have food allergies that have escaped your awareness.  A Health Coach can help you gain control over the foods you cook and eat to zero-in on foods that may be problematic.

Happy homeHome Environment

Is your home an oasis of peaceful harmony? When you wake in morning does it bring you comfort and is it restful after being away? Or does clutter and stress fill your abode?  Do you have enough space or maybe too much?  A Health Coach can help you sort through the things in your home environment that may be blocking a positive energy flow.  They may be able to give you ideas on how to unclutter your home and organize your belongings for a more tranquil setting of where your daily life begins and ends.

bunny loveRelationships

Do you have an amazing relationship with your partner?  How are the lines of communication with your family? Are your friends of the non-toxic variety; the kind that refuels your energy with every meeting? Or do some of these relationships feel strained or even estranged.  A Health Coach can help you see through some problematic areas in relationships to help you find ways of improvement.  Often, if we look within ourselves first we will find a way to make others feel more comfortable around us, thus creating a more communicable relationship. We seldom see that a problem may start with us, but many times small corrections in words or actions bring huge changes in the reactions of others.  A Health Coach can be the mirror you can’t see on your own. Or the referee that helps you see the red flags when blinded by love.

laughing childrenSocial Life

How is your social life? Do you have close friends and confidants? Do you energize with others or in quiet solitude? Is your dog your best friend but you wish you had a cat for more company? Or do you watch others enjoy the company of many and wish you could be a part of the group?  A Health Coach may help you sort through your road blocks about making new friends or being a part of the larger social network.  Together you could discover ways to enhance your social standing and find your niche in a network of friends.

silver linings 2Spirituality

Do you possess spirituality? Are you a spiritual being? Do you believe in something of a higher power?  Are you able to have faith in the unknown just because you believe?  Does religion play an important part in your life?  Would you like to like to be more mindful?  A Health Coach can listen as you talk through some of the insights that need to be clarified.  They can also guide you to mindfulness practices that best suit your desires.  When we gain knowledge into techniques of finding peace and contentment, we reduce stress and find greater joy.


Joy jumpSo finally, the ultimate questions are; do you find joy in life? Do simple things make you smile? Are you truly present in your daily life? Or do you feel confused and unhappy, worrying about tomorrow or what happened yesterday?  True happiness comes from within and we all possess the power and ability to find that feeling. But to some it is a deep dark secret that has yet to be revealed.  A Health Coach can introduce you to a variety of alternatives that can help enlighten your world. There is a light that shines in all of us; let a health coach brighten your world today for it is never too late to be who you might have been and still want to be!





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