Regenerate Your Stem Cells


By age 35, you have lost over 50% of Stem Cell activity
                          By age 65, you will lose almost ALL of Stem Cell activity 

FACT: The LESS Stem Cell activity you have – the FASTER you age and the SLOWER you heal

SOLUTION: Thanks to a historical and affordable scientific breakthrough in Stem Cell Technology you can Activate Your Own Stem Cells (without painful & expensive injections) and Feel, Look and Live Younger… even decades Younger! 
​And it costs as little as a cup of coffee a day!

The Frequency of Light and Your Body

It’s been known for thousands of years that specific frequencies of light can cause specific changes within the body. When we go out in the sun, a specific frequency of light causes our body to make Vitamin D. Another specific frequency of light (UV) will cause our body to make melanin, the chemical that gives us a sun tan. LifeWave’s patented technology is based on this same scientific principle. Below are some of the benefits people are experiencing with X39:

Learn more about the science behind the X39 from inventor David Schmidt

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