Overcoming Physical Illness

Overcoming Illness is within your hands. In today’s world, we are bombarded with foods laced with pesticides, chemical molecules floating through the air we breathe, medications and other pollutants in the water we drink. It is no wonder that Illness is rampant in the world today. Many people are finding themselves sick with chronic illness and unexplainable symptoms. In the past, and pretty regularly today, people were turned away from their doctor, and being told “it’s in your head.” Or just given a pill. We are learning more and more that these symptoms have a very strong underlying cause. Illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, autoimmune conditions, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, autism, etc. are being caused by things that we can control within our environment and the foods we put in our mouth. The root cause to many of these illnesses that we are seeing are all within our control. We are taught that many illnesses are irreversible, but this is a myth. Until now, we’ve been trying to treat chronic illnesses with pills which are really covering up the symptoms and not addressing the root cause. When we begin to make changes in our environment, food choices, emotional wellness, thought choices, we can begin to really make a difference in our health. We begin to heal from the inside out. We are here to teach you another way. We believe in giving you the tools to become the expert in your own life to empower you because that is really where the answers lie. Within YOU.