Only Now is Real- Live for Today


Only Now is Real- Live for Today

Now is the only time that is real.  Now is when we live our lives, for tomorrow is promised to no one and each of our choices creates a new path for our future.  The past is a time that we can reflect on, to learn from, to hold fondly in our hearts or erase from our memory.  The future is something we can plan for, look forward to with eager anticipation and to bring us hope.  But worrying about the future only creates a negative energy that will attract what you don’t want.

CelebrateLiving for today means making life special every day, not just the big events or an anticipated time or point in your life.  Rise each day with a smile.  Imagine the joy each day can bring. Create activity in your life to keep you from boring routines. And give to others what we would like to get back in return.  At my place of employment, we have the 5/10 rule; if you come within 10 feet of someone you need to acknowledge them, if you come within 5 feet of someone you need to pleasantly greet them. This creates a friendly place to work.

Just because you took that weeks vacation, doesn’t mean you have to wait for months or a year before you can have fun again. Here are a few suggestions to create a life that full of special moments.

Things you can do to make every day special:

  • Greet everyone with a smile, they’re free and often returned.
  • Dress for the day; holidays, seasons, weather; make your colors count.
  • Plan weekend getaways, it doesn’t have to be far away.
  • Take an evening walk, check out the stars or local lights.
  • Go for a hike in the woods, the fresh air and exercise are wonderful.
  • Volunteer your time for the greater good, giving feels great!
  • Adopt a homeless pet, they can bring you years of joy to your life.
  • Play games, never loose the heart of a child.
  • Use your imagination; it’s your window into tomorrow.
  • Make lists of things you’d like to do and then pick one frequently.
  • Leave special notes for your loved ones, they’ll appreciate the thought.
  • Love yourself; you can then love others.

Too many people think that they will be happy when ____ happens.  I’ll be happier when I get that better paying job, or when I get that raise, or when I move to a new place, or next year.  For others, they may think, we’ll be happier once we’re married, or when we have children, or when we get a bigger house, or when the children grow up, or when we retire. Some never make it to retirement.

Ariel riverHappiness comes from within.  Some of the happiest people have little to no possessions. Life is a journey, it’s that which we need to embrace, not the finale. Sometimes it’s okay to turn onto a different path on your life’s journey when things don’t flow well. This isn’t failure, its an education.  Learn from your efforts, close the book and move on, or start anew.  So, in the coming new year, make it a point to live life everyday with a smile and joy, and always be on the lookout for what lies around the river’s bend.

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