My Journey to Ultramarathon

My Journey to Ultramarathon

50K Here I come!

It is six weeks into my training program for my first ultramarathon. That’s 50 kilometers that I’ll be running. I’ve run a couple half marathons, but I’ve never even done a marathon. There’s something about the ultra that is enticing and exciting. I’ve actually tried training for marathons in the past, but I’ve had health issues that have prevented me from reaching the goal. I struggled with an autoimmune disease for many years and found myself depleted and tired of energy for a long time, until recently when I got to the root cause of what was going on for me. I remember trying to run 5 miles and would feel like I was hitting a wall. So I am more than ecstatic that I ran 13 miles last weekend and still had energy to do 1 hour of yoga, paint my kitchen, cook my food for the week and walk my dog another 3 miles-all in the same day. I’ve come a long way. More on that later, as I digress.

The Spirit Moves Me

I am now six weeks into my training program. 6 weeks out of 20. My ultra is in October. People ask me why would I want to do such a thing. There’s just something about running that distance and pushing my body past the limits of what the mind thought it could do. I have learned through the years to listen to my body when it needs rest, honor it when it needs to feel, love it when it needs nurturing and then I have learned to respect it when it has a goal and recognizing belief is stronger than anything else. I have to be stronger than my mind. In my experience, when you have reached a certain point in your training and physical exertion, something else takes over and it’s deeper than your mind and deeper than your body. Spirit becomes a part of me and it carries me through. It’s like a deep state of meditation that is pure bliss, even deeper than the “runners high.” I plan on sharing my experiences here and the chronicles of my ultramarathon training. I plan on logging 36 miles this week. It’s just the beginning of training.

Plant Based Athlete

Not only am I training for a 50K ultramarathon, I am doing it on a plant-based diet. I’ve been enjoying a plant-based lifestyle for about 13 years now. I have my nutrition down to the letter. I have to during my extensive training regime. I’ll share with you the plant based recipes catered to the athlete, but really for anyone. These are the recipes that will give me the energy to train and the endurance and sustainability to cross the finish line. People often ask me where I get my protein, and I just say, in the produce aisle. Protein is abundant in everything and there are so many plant-based sources that are available. Oh, there will be answers to the many questions.

I’m excited to share this process with you and hope you find value in this. But for now, I am off to sleep, as it is essential to rest my body for the hard labor I am putting it through.

Gratefully and Joyfully,


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