Mental Wellness Resiliency

stop and smell the flowers
Mental wellness is within your reach. Things that plague us create dissonance in our thoughts, emotions and overall mental stability. When our soul have desire or longing for our truth and we turn off that inner voice or inner fire to the knowing of what we truly want and the pain of the past keeps us attached to what should have been or might have been. Our attachments keeps us stuck in the cycle of depression, anxiety and even trauma. When we can look at the traumas of the past and see them as tools or lessons to learn in the bigger picture, it helps to empower our souls purpose for being here. Guilt and shame keep us stuck. How can you move from being in your trauma to allowing it to be the lesson that catapults you to the life you were meant to live? When we find deeper meaning to the events in our lives, it can help us to create the path that truly empowers our soul and mental capacity for knowing our wholeness.